Tips for Effective Communication with Children | Top CBSE School in KR Puram

Effective communication with children requires patience and a nurturing approach. Sristi Global School, a top CBSE school in KR Puram shares the following tips:

Active listening:
Listen attentively and show engagement with gestures like affirming nods and encouraging smiles. Maintain eye contact and ask questions to encourage your child to enhance their communication skills.

Reflective listening:

Repeat what your child says using different words to make them feel heard and understood.

Clear language:

Use language appropriate for their age and avoid discouraging words.
Avoiding bribes: Set clear expectations, praise good behavior, and use calm consequences instead of giving rewards for basic behaviors.

Explaining feelings:

Help your child identify and express their emotions to develop emotional intelligence.

Noticing statements:
Be specific in praise to help your child feel good about themselves.

Having fun:

Light conversations and shared activities can strengthen your relationship with your child.

Behavior focus:

If you are upset with your child, make sure your criticism and comments are directed at their behaviour rather than at them as a person. Try expressing "I don't like that you made the room unclean by leaving your clothing all over the ground" as an alternative to "I don't like that you are so dirty."

Leading by example:

Think about the example you are providing. Your role as a parent serves as a gateway for your kids into the outside world. Your youngster imitates and learns what you do and say. so exercise extreme caution in both your acts and words.

Together having fun:
As your children become older, parenting will seem like a really demanding job. As a result, it's even more important to have fun and engage in light conversation. This is a great approach to making your connection stronger. Recognize ways you can connect with your child by saying something encouraging about something they care about, paying attention to their intere