Mrs. Prakash Wagh and Mrs. Priti Wagh were happy to bring their baby into
this world. But their dream of having a healthy baby was shattered.
Their baby girl was born pre-mature. Due to being born before the time the
baby is admitted to NICU and needs urgent treatment.
The estimated cost for the treatment is 5,50,000/-(Rupees Five Lakhs and
Fifty Thousand Only). Baby is admitted to Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai,
The parent's financial condition or the entire family is not so
good. Mr. Wagh works in a hospital and Mrs. Wagh is a homemaker. This
is their first child.
The baby is born with a very low weight. And needs to be kept on a ventilator
and nutritional support for 10 – 14 weeks. Baby is very weak and struggling
for her life. We can help her to see life further with our help.

We can help them with our small donations so that the baby can see this
world in the future.