Martech Interview with Christopher Miller, Vice President of Product, AI at HubSpot

The Content Assistant powered by OpenAI’s GPT model appears to be a powerful feature. How does HubSpot’s AI content assistant enhance the quality of work for marketers, sales teams, and service professionals?
Content Assistant is one of the tools within HubSpot’s AI Assistants, all designed to help marketers, sales and service professionals eliminate repetitive tasks, generate new content and boost productivity. This helps our customers spend more time connecting, and less time on manual activities.
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Some examples of the ways content assistant can enhance the quality of work is: generating blog post ideas, titles, content and even images that resonate with customers based on SEO data; generating replies to customer support tickets and summarizing conversations to quickly loop in other team members; drafting emails for business development reps with context gathered from marketing; and generating reports based on a query to answer any question.
Because HubSpot AI is built on top of the customer platform, it understands your content, has context about your business, and knows your customers. This helps generate better content than using a standalone AI tool.
HubSpot’s AI tools have already made significant strides in enhancing productivity and quality for users. Looking ahead, what are some of your key strategic goals or visions for further advancing these AI capabilities within HubSpot’s platform?
We believe that AI is going to give our customers more efficiency and effectiveness than everbefore. It will remove manual tasks and instead allow them to spend more time on creative and strategic work. With the launch of HubSpot AI, we’re excited to see how our customers use our AI tools, and hear their feedback on new problems we can help them solve. We’re also committed to learning from and experimenting with new AI technology as the space rapidly evolves, bringing it to our customers in a thoughtful way.
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