Latrauma Therapists, Center For Healing & Personal Growth

We are a team of professionals with different niches and specialties. Although, our primary speciality is trauma (childhood or recent trauma), we also specialize in treating anxiety and depressive disorders. ADHD, OCD, grief, anger management, relationship and parenting are some of the areas we also focus on. We believe in utilizing coaching techniques to help you find clarity, establish achievable goals, and begin an exciting journey of positive change and personal growth in your life. We utilize cutting edge treatment modalities such as EMDR, Brainspotting, IFS, Somatic Experiencing, TFCBT, Hypnotherapy, EFT and other evidence-based treatment modalities to help you heal from past trauma, change limiting beliefs and dysfunctional patterns, and achieve your personal or professional goals. We offer a safe, confidential space for you to work through your doubts and live your authentic self with peace and confidence.