Jewelry Lovers Get Wrapped Up in Bangle Bracelets

A bracelet is defined as an ornament designed to be worn on the wrist or arm. Specifically, bangle bracelets are rigid bands that can either be hinged or solid and are some of the most popular designs in modern jewelry. Because of the significant amount of metal used in the design of a bangle, these bracelets are typically more expensive than a typical chain design. For this reason, many jewelry lovers turn toward sterling silver for the most affordable and boldest designs in bangle bracelets.

In case you may be wondering why this type of sterling silver bracelet is so very popular among jewelry connoisseurs, the reasons are many. First and foremost, sterling silver is a durable metal that measures approximately 2.5 to 2.7 on the scale of hardness. Believe it or not, this means that sterling silver is actually harder than some types of gold. Durability is one of the most desirable qualities in bangle bracelets, which is why they are so very popular in sterling silver. In addition, women can enjoy a bolder look in sterling silver at a fraction of the price of gold. In terms of wear and cost, bangle bracelets designed in sterling silver are a perfect match.
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