How Does Prodentim Works in Oral Health?

Once you start chewing one of Prodentim candies, the candy starts melting in your mouth. Then the ingredients get melted into your saliva because of the high dissolving capacity human saliva has.

Once the ingredients go down to the throat, the five probiotic strains and five more probiotic ingredients get into your body, and allows you to enjoy all the health benefits Probiotic has to offer.

On regular consumption of this probiotic, it keeps a balance between good bacteria and harmful bad bacteria in your mouth. As a benefit, this oral probiotic keeps your gums and teeth healthy.

In addition to it, Prodentim also maintains the health of your upper respiratory tract. It also boosts your immunity so that you're able to fight certain diseases. It also keeps your gut healthy hence improving your overall physical health along with maintaining oral health.