Best De Addiction Psychiatrist Specialist & Sexologist in Ahmedabad

Dr. Kalrav Mistry is your trusted source for comprehensive de-addiction psychiatry and expert sexology services in Ahmedabad. With over a decade of experience, Dr. Mistry has established himself as a leading specialist in these crucial fields of healthcare. Dr. Kalrav Mistry: Providing Expert Psychiatry Services at SHALBY Multi-Specialty Hospitals, Ahmedabad Dr. Mistry's expertise also extends to the domain of sexology, where he provides sensitive and personalized care for a wide range of sexual health concerns. His patient-focused approach ensures that individuals can address their sexual health issues with confidence and find solutions that are tailored to their unique needsExpertise in De-Addiction Psychiatry: Dr. Mistry's journey of over a decade in the field of psychiatry has been marked by a profound dedication to helping individuals break free from addiction. His evidence-based treatment approaches and holistic methods have earned him the title of the best De-Addiction Psychiatrist Specialist in Ahmedabad. Dr. Mistry's compassionate and personalized approach ensures that each patient receives tailored care, addressing not only the addiction but the underlying factors that contribute to it.Whether you're seeking support for addiction recovery or dealing with sexual health concerns, Dr. Kalrav Mistry's comprehensive services are designed to promote your overall well-being. Trust in his experience and dedication to help you on your journey to a healthier, more fulfilling life. To learn more about Dr. Mistry's professional background and the services he offers, visit his website at ( With Dr. Mistry, you can take the first step toward a brighter and healthier future.