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Market Research Strategies for New Product Launch

Market research provides crucial insights to reduce risks when launching new products. Key strategies include analyzing market size, identifying the target audience, assessing market challenges, conducting competitor analysis, finding areas... Read More

A Detailed Guide to Quantitative Market Research

Quantitative market research uses structured data collection methods like surveys and polls to understand customer needs, develop products, identify market opportunities, analyze brand perception, and study competitors. It allows businesses... Read More

Decoding U&A Studies: Market Research Roadmap

Usage and Attitude (U&A) studies help businesses understand consumer behavior, preferences, and attitudes towards products/services. They provide invaluable insights for product development, marketing strategies, and improving customer satisfaction. Careful survey... Read More

Customers are vital for any brand's existence, akin to blood for the body. Just as blood circulates, customers should stay and return. New customers are crucial, but without spending power,... Read More

With the growing popularity of the Internet and social platforms, what else has grown proportionally are opinions and feedback. But today, the opinions and feedback are not limited to social... Read More

This article highlights the variance between qualitative and quantitative market research methods, explaining how qualitative focuses on understanding consumer behavior through open-ended questions, while quantitative relies on numerical data analysis.... Read More

What Is eNPS? – Steps to Get a Good eNPS Score

Employee Net Promoter Score is a metric to measure employee satisfaction and loyalty. It is inspired by Net Promoter Score, a globally recognized metric for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty.... Read More