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Open Front Jumping Boots in Australia

Don’t fit your horse with the incorrect Showjumping boots. At Castlefin, we have spent years narrowing down the best possible options to help your horse perform at their best while... Read More

Equestrian Helmets in Australia

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Dressage Saddle Pads in Australia

Dressage saddle pads are specially designed pads placed under the saddle to provide cushioning and absorb shock from the rider's movements. They ensure increased comfort of the horse, prevent saddle-related... Read More

Horse Saddle Pads in Australia

Horse saddle pads are a crucial component of your horse riding gear. Not only do they enhance the comfort of your equine partner, but they also protect your saddle, helping... Read More

Horse Riding Accessories Australia

Castlefin Equestrian is an online and mobile Equestrian business based in the Yarra Valley, Victoria. As a keen competitor myself I enjoy trying new products, keeping up with the latest... Read More