AIIMS Patna | Best MBBS Colleges In Bihar | Multispeciality Hospital In Patna

AIIMS Patna is a hospital, medical college and medical research institution dedicated towards providing you the best technologically advanced high quality treatment in Bihar. The hospital's exceptional services, such as online and offline registration, are complemented by a wide array of medical facilities. There is a separate building for AYUSH and PMR, an OPD and IPD ward,, and a Trauma and Emergency unit to deal with emergency situations in the hospital. Additionally, the hospital offers special care and facilities in anticipation of the COVID-19 Pandemic. To combat the current pandemic, AIIMS Patna employs various strategies based on the Covid-19 model. AIIMS Patna follows strict guidelines in order to prevent infection from spreading in its health care facilities, keeping the virus' potential for spread in mind. A standard precaution is a simple infection control measure applicable to all patients, regardless of diagnosis or infectious condition. In addition to Standard precautions, additional precautions are taken to prevent and control infection caused by COVID-19. Droplets and contact can spread the infection, so droplet and contact precautions are also taken. By taking these steps, cross infections throughout the health care system and among patients are prevented. AIIMS Patna campus is set on 134 acres of state-of-the art infrastructure, which includes a hospital, medical college, and hostels. There are currently 820 beds at the hospital, as well as 28 functional modular operating theatres, 12 functional super-specialties, and 18 functional specialties, as well as an oxygen tank with a 30,000 kilogram capacity. Talking about the medical college, AIIMS Patna is a residential academic medical center. The institute offers various undergraduate, post-graduate, and doctoral courses in various departments. AIIMS Patna started its operations on 25 September 2012 with a vision to provide modern healthcare facilities and medical college in the state of Bihar.