Adam Silas Book by ProfessorJim

James J. Szczur (Teacher Jim) experienced childhood in Norristown, Pennsylvania, and right now dwells in Colorado Springs, Colorado, with his significant other, LaDonna. His 40-year proficient profession has been in the domain of specialized authority, frameworks designing and undertaking the board in the military-avionic business to remember serving 20 years as an official for the US Flying corps. An adventurist and a researcher on a basic level, he is attracted to capitalizing on any open door. Teacher Jim acquired five experts degrees and shows Electrical Designing at the Colorado Springs grounds of Colorado Specialized College. Teacher Jim has ventured out to 39 of the 50 US and to 25 far off nations to incorporate locales of North and South America, Europe, Australia, and the Center East. Out of the 29 U.S. Public Parks (NP) he has visited, his top picks are Frozen Forrest NP Arizona (home of Paper Rock), Curves NP Utah (Ute Indian Petroglyphs), and Dinosaur NP Colorado (astonishing dinosaur relics), each an irreplaceable asset protecting old Local American and untamed life curios. He especially delighted in wallaby and kangaroo field research in focal Australia in 2012. Presently, Teacher Jim makes the most of a short lived an open door to explore pronghorn in his own area in Colorado Springs, Colorado. He brilliantly gathers and luxuriously outlines a scholarly show of mental, profound and otherworldly impressions experienced during this not-really distant from-home wild pronghorn experience.